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Crispy tuna with spices, crunchy vegetables

Caramelized mahi mahi with taro and sweet potato risotto in coconut milk

Gambas flambéed in old rum with mango sauce, julienne vegetables

Grilled salmon of the gods with virgin sauce, crushed taro with ginger

Coconut-crusted parrot, rosemary uru gratin

Kaveu and sweet potato espuma with coconut butter


Pota fricassee
with turmeric and Creole rice,

Tajine with prunes
and fragrant semolina,

Mashed potatoes
with olive oil and
Provençal ratatouille,
carrot and turmeric soup.


Beef steak with autera’a crust and sautéed potatoes

Chicken with lemongrass prawns and rosemary uru gratin

Pork filet mignon with honey mustard sauce and creamy polenta with chanterelles

Veal stir-fry with eggplant and taro purée

Duck breast with mushroom sauce and gratin dauphinois

Sausage rougail in nori leaf and venereal rice

Low-temperature lamb confit, flambéed with aged rum,
full-bodied Tahitian vanilla combava juice and turmeric crushed duo,