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Presentation – Key dates


Cooking is my passion!

Initiated into gastronomy by my grandmother, I am a passionate gourmet.

My professional training began in 2010 at the Avignon Hotel School.
This education confirmed what I had known since I was young: I will turn my passion into my profession.

Presentation – Key dates

Benoît HERTZOG, a chef and disciple of Escoffier, passed on all his knowledge to me. He taught me the solid foundations of this profession while giving me the opportunity to express my creativity.

Armed with my diplomas, I traveled.

Each position I held as a chef or pastry chef influenced my “fusion” cuisine.
From Provence to the French Riviera, through Guyana, Paris, and Martinique – I refined my knowledge of French culinary techniques, enhanced my taste for Mediterranean cuisine, Afro-Caribbean flavors, vegetarian recipes, and added a touch of Asia to my dishes.

Maeva e Manava,
Our gourmet journey begins now.